Boss System

Boss Casual - Random Encounter
Defeating Boss monster will give Treasure or Treasure Shards (can be combine into Treasure). This Treasure reward is an extra reward, and not accounting to your daily Hero Farm-cap. Open a Treasure will give many NFT Items and some time even PPP. You can check out this page for the list of item drop from opening a Treasure: 3.1 Common Treasure

1. Casual Boss

This type of Boss will randomly appear when Player fight battles from Map LV4 and above. The level of the Boss is equal to the Map LV and it's power is increased by Map LV as well. For example, the Casual Boss LV5 player encounter in Map LV5 will be stronger and more difficult to defeat than the same Boss LV4 player encounter in Map LV4.
The recommended Hero Level for Boss Fight is Hero Level 6 with the power spike come from the Hero Ultimate skill. Player should be able to use Hero LV6 to kill Boss LV4 LV5 easily. The recommended Pet Rarity for Boss Fight is Epic Pet or higher due to the shield that the pet provided to the Hero. This Pet's skill is very useful during long boss battle. And when paired with an Epic Pet , a Hero LV5 should be able to kill Boss LV4.
For this type of boss, there are 3 rarity boss level: VeryRare Boss, Epic Boss, Legendary Boss with different in power also in the treasure reward + bonus EXP given to player. For Casual Boss match, Pet's energy will always be deducted regardless of Win or Lose.

2. Dungeon Raid Boss

This type of Boss appear only in a dungeon raid battle, defeating this boss will give much more rewards compare to Casual Boss. To be participate in a Dungeon Raid, player need to purchase a Raid Ticket and the minimum Hero Level required is LV5. Each Hero Tier will have separated ticket: Raid Ticket Grade A, expected price: 250 PPP Raid Ticket Grade B, expected price: 50 PPP Raid Ticket Grade C, expected price: 10 PPP
One ticket will be burned when the Player choose the pair of Hero and Pet to participate in the Dungeon Raid . This will be daily time based event at 0AM, 6AM, 12PM, 6PM, players can queue up 10 minutes ahead of the time and will be organized in a party of 12 members based on their position in queue. Then this party of 12 player will work together to fight the difficult boss battle and also compete to be the one last hit the boss. Note that: A Tier Hero will only party with other Heroes of the same Tier A. Heroes of Tier A will not party with Tier B or Tier C and vice versa.
This type of boss will give a big treasure reward to only the player whom able to last hit the boss. Also the sum of PPP used to purchase all 12 tickets by the party players will be split between the boss killer and all survivors.
For this type of boss, there are 2 rarity boss level: Epic Boss, Legendary Boss with different in power also in the treasure reward + EXP given to player. The chance to encounter Legendary Boss is increased by the number of Legendary Pet in the party, and also slightly increased by the average of all Hero Level

3. World Boss - Kaiju Event

This boss is purely event based. The entire players pool must join forces to defend the cities from this humongous Kaiju World Boss monster. All Players must defeat this Boss in a limited amount of time or else face consequences. If this Boss is defeated in-time then the Olympian God will give blessing to increase daily PPP reward to all player by 25-100% in 1 week. Failure to defend the cities from this Boss in the limited time will make all player suffer from farming PPP for 1 week, player will find that they need to play more number of battle matches in-order to fully farm the daily farm-cap. The same Kaiju World Boss will come back to wreak havoc to city next week and player need to try to defend the city again, although the Boss total HP will be reduce a little bit each time.
For this type of boss, there is only 1 rarity boss level: Mythical Boss with power so extreme that it can wipe out the low Level Hero in a single shot. This boss will give an enormous treasure reward to the Player deal the most damage to it. Other players deal huge amount of damage are also rewarded with treasure.