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Casual Boss

Random Encounter - Casual Boss
In Casual Boss's Match, Pet's energy will always be deducted regardless of Win or Lose.

1. Encounter Chance

Casual Boss will randomly appear when Player fight battles from Map LV4 and above. The chance to encounter casual boss is based on these factors below:
  • The Level of the Hero vs the Level of the Boss: Hero LV is higher vs Boss LV the better
  • The number of consecutive win of the current Hero at the boss Map Level: Each consecutive win will double the encounter rate. Also Boss will appear only after player have at least 2 consecutive win in normal match using the current Hero. Both of these will be reset if player lose a match or win a Boss fight.
  • The rarity of the Boss: For example, player will encounter VeryRare boss more than Epic/Legendary Boss
  • The Tier of the current Hero: A-Tier and B-Tier have a better chance to encounter Boss than C-Tier
  • The Rarity of the current Pet: Epic/Legendary/Mythical Pet will increase the chance to encounter Epic/Legendary Boss. While Common Pet will decrease chance to encounter all Boss (No chance to encounter Legendary Boss with a Common Pet)
The details on encounter chance can be find the excel file at the bottom of this page.

2. Boss Reward

The reward is given when player able to defeat the Boss consist of: 1.Treasure Shard: Can be combined into a Common Treasure 2.Bonus EXP to Hero (Along with normal match EXP) 3.Bonus Treasure: If the Hero win rate vs Casual Boss is high enough
Each NFT Hero can encounter Casual Boss an unlimited number of battles per day (reward less of Win or Lost). But only the first 12 Casual Boss (6 for C-Tier Hero) encounters give treasure shards (1) when defeated, after that Boss will not give any more treasure shards but only bonus EXP to Hero (2). Furthermore if Hero is able to defeat a high enough number of Boss in those first 12 (or 6 for C-Tier Hero), player will receive bonus treasure (3). This boss treasure reward limit will be reset at 0:00 AM UTC every day.
The Treasure Shard reward is calculated based on the Boss Rarity, Boss Level and Hero Grade. For example: Boss VeryRare have 4 time less reward than Epic and Epic have less reward than Legendary Boss LV4 have 2 time less reward than Boss LV5 and LV5 have less reward than LV6 When fighting the same Boss Rarity and Level, A-Tier Hero will receive more reward than B-Tier and B-Tier will receive more reward than C-Tier
All rewards and encounter chance details can be found in the below excel file: