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Buy Totems and Eggs

Totems and Eggs are used to summon Heroes and Pets.
PlayPoseidon gameplay revolves around defending your base against waves of monsters. To start playing PlayPoseidon, you need at least 1 Hero and 1 Pet.
- Heroes can be summoned with Totems, a Hero’s Class will be the same as the Totem’s.
- Pets can be spawned with Eggs, their rarity depends on the types of Eggs and player’s luck.
Totems and Eggs can be purchased via in-game shop.

How to buy Totem and Egg

1. From main screen, open the Store menu;
2. Select which and how many Totem you want to buy, click OK to confirm;
3. Switch to the Eggs tab;
4. Select how many Eggs you want to buy and OK to confirm;
5. Check your Inventory to use Totem and Eggs.

How to summon Hero and Pet

1. Open your Inventory.
2. Select the Totem and press Summon;
3. Switch to the Eggs tab;
4. Select the Egg and press Summon;
5. Now you’re ready to battle in the world of PlayPoseidon!