Import & Transfer NFT

How to import your NFTs to your Metamask wallet and transfer them to other peopl

1. Transfer NFT using in-game function

2. Import NFT to MetaMask wallet and Send

  • On mobile game screen >> Import (located below Claim button);
  • Copy NFT Hero contract address;
  • In Mobile’s Metamask >> NFTs >> Import NFTs" link >> Paste the copied address into the Address;
  • Back to the game screen, click on NFT Hero to copy NFT's ID;
  • In Mobile’s Metamask >> Paste the ID into the box ID >> Import.
NFTs Hero will be shown under the NFTs tab. For the NFT Pets, follow the same process.


  • After importing your NFTs to Metamask Mobile, switch to NFT tab and click Send;
  • Paste the wallet address you want to send to and click Next;
  • Click on the blue arrow box and choose the NFT you want, click Next;
  • Confirm the gas fee and click Send to finish.
Your NFTs will be sent to the address ingame account, NOT their wallet. The receiver needs to import them to their wallet as instructed earlier to be able to see the NFTs.