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NFT Items
NFT Items - ERC-1155


NFT Items is token that follow ERC-1155 Multi Token Standard. There are many NFT Items in PlayPoseidon game, but mainly can be categories into 3 types:

1.Utility/Consumable type items:

  • Key: Unlock Hidden Treasure
  • Upgrade Scroll: Unlock Hero LV 7 8 9
  • Potion: Consume to recover point of Hero or Pet (Q3-2022)
  • Book: Increase the skill level of Hero/Pet for a duration as a non permanent upgrade. Academy Training feature (Q3-2022)
  • Elixir: Consume to cure Hero from curse (Q3-2022)

2.Gacha type items:

3.Crafting Material type items:

  • Gem: Upgrade level of NFT Weapon Orb (Q3-2022)
  • Orb Materials: Craft NFT Weapon Orb (Q3-2022)
  • Repair Kit: Repair/unbind NFT Weapon Orb (Q3-2022)
Some of the NFT Items will be available to purchase from the In-game Shop (such as: Totem, Common Egg) while others NFT Items can only be obtained by defeating Boss monster or buy from other player in NFT Market Place or Player Owned InGame Merchant Shop
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