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Totem (Summon Hero)

Totem - NFT Hero - Shop
Totem is a NFT Item used to summon NFT Hero. This item can be purchased from the In-Game Shop and is divided into different Tier according to Daily Income Tier System, check out this page for details: Daily Income Tier (Hero Tier)
If player is not owned any NFT Hero, after purchase a Totem, it will be immediately consume and summon a NFT Hero. If player already have NFT Hero then, he can go to Inventory and consume the Totem himself.
Below is the expected* price of Totem for different Tier when the game first launch:
Totem Grade
Summon a Hero
Grade S
Tier S
Extremely Limited item (Event only)
Grade A
Tier A
2500 PPP
Limited item (stock is resupply daily)
Grade B
Tier B
500 PPP
Unlimited (will be limited in future)
Grade C
Tier C
100 PPP
Totem Grade D
Tier D
20 PPP
Will be released when Price of PPP token increase 5x
*This may not be the actual number when the game is launched. Number here is used to illustrate the different between Tier income tier. The tier scale is guaranteed to be at least 5 time different though.
Consume a Totem is guaranteed to summon one NFT Hero of the same Tier. During some Game events, high Tier totem will also giving NFT Items as bonus when consumed such as: Treasure, Elixir, Repair Kit, Orb Material...