NFT Pets

NFT - ERC721 - Pet - EXP


This is the secondary NFT of the game which is an ERC-721 token that allow Player to level up their NFT Hero and help deal AOE damage, slow effect to monster when fighting battle in PlayPoseidon game. During battle, player must have a Pet to fight along with the Hero.
NFT Pets need to be spawned from an Egg item. Egg items is Gacha type item, You can read this section: 2. Egg from Gacha page to check the details on spawn chances.

Rarity Level

NFT Pets are divided into different Rarity Level, with each tier is extremely rare compare to lower tier according to the Spawn chances stated in Gacha page. Therefor the more rare the Pet the higher the benefit it can provide to the NFT Hero.
Pet Rarity
Hero Attributes bonus Buff
Energy (Time to fully recover)
20 (24 Hours)
30 (24 Hours)
40 (24 Hours)
50 (12 Hours)
50 (6 Hours)

1. Hero Attributes buff

Each NFT Pet can provide an attributes bonus buff to the Hero when fight together. The amount of buff is random and given to the pet when it spawn out of an egg. With maximum buff is 30% for a Mythical Pet. Exception is Common Pet, which doesn't have this buff at all.
This buff will increase these Hero attributes stated below:
  • Hero Health Point
  • Arrow Base Damage
  • Stamina
For example a Hero LV4 with HP: 4600, Base Damage: 60, Stamina: 50, when pair with a Legendary Pet with 22% Hero Attributes bonus buff will become: HP: 5612, Base Damage: 73.2, Stamina: 61

2. Pet Energy

Each NFT Pet have a energy bar. After each winning match your Pet will lose some energy (depend on the difficulty level of the Stage), if the Pet have low energy, not enough to start a new match you need to select another Pet or fight a lower level Stage.
Map Difficulty Level
Low and Mid value Pet
High value Pet
High value Pet
Level 1
-1 Energy per Match
-1 Energy/Match
No cost
Level 2
-2 Energy per Match
-1 Energy/Match
-1 Energy/Match
Level 3
-3 Energy per Match
-2 Energy/Match
-1 Energy/Match
Level 4
-4 Energy per Match
-3 Energy/Match
-2 Energy/Match
Level 5
-5 Energy per Match
-4 Energy/Match
-3 Energy/Match
Level 6
-6 Energy per Match
-5 Energy/Match
-4 Energy/Match
Level 7
-7 Energy per Match
-6 Energy/Match
-5 Energy/Match
Level 8
-8 Energy per Match
-7 Energy/Match
-6 Energy/Match
Level 9
-9 Energy per Match
-8 Energy/Match
-7 Energy/Match
Also higher rarity Pet may give a more EXP reward per match. You can check this excel file below to fully understand the impact of Pet Rarity level when leveling up your Hero.
These above number are counting only the base EXP reward of the Hero without any EXP bonuses from other feature such as: Double/Triple EXP event, Casual Boss EXP bonus, Dungeon Raid Boss EXP bonus, Chaos Castle Victory Claim EXP bonus and especially Low Efficiency Hero EXP multiplier factor bonus. All bonuses will not impact the Pet energy and utilized all these feature make the energy conversion to EXP even much much higher than just the relied on the base EXP reward.

Other Attributes:

A NFT Pet can be either a male
or a female

This will be displayed on the NFT Pet card or Pet detail. In 2022 Q4 the Game will release NFT Farming feature to allow NFT Pet owner to use a pair of Pet of different sex to breed a new Pet Egg