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This is the third NFT of the game which is an ERC-721 token that allow Player to boost the power of the NFT Hero and altering the playing style when fighting battle in PlayPoseidon game. During battle, player can active these Orbs to enable new abilities and gain a huge powers boost.
NFT Weapon Orb need to be crafted from in-game Crafting feature by burning 2 NFT Pet. You can read this section: 1. Craft NFT Weapon Orb to see the details.

NFT Equipment

NFT Weapon Orb is one type of NFT Equipment in which these NFT will be bound to a NFT Hero when equipped. A same NFT Equipment after equipped by a Hero is bound to that Hero and can not be equipped by another Hero. This is the main characteristic of a NFT Equipment.
The NFT Weapon Orb feature can be found in the Hero Detail View, in this view you will see the 3 slot on the left side of your Hero. When you click one of the slot you an Orb Inventory will appear and list all Orbs that is not bound to any Hero and Orbs that is already bound to the current Hero. Orbs which is bound to a different Hero will not be listed in this Orb Inventory.
You can start select one of the Orb and click Equip. If the Orb is not yet bind to this NFT Hero, it will first be bound to the NFT Hero (binding is done on-chain hence some time it may fail) then equip to the Hero at the selected slot. Each Hero have 3 slots to equip 3 different Orbs (NFT Weapon Orb with a same name can't be equipped together). Each slot will be unlocked at a different Hero Level: +Slot 1 (top) at Hero LV4 +Slot 2 (mid) at Hero LV8 +Slot 3 (bottom) at Hero LV12
Once equip NFT Weapon Orb it will grant your Hero a third ability button (the one with a blue circle around). During battle you will be able to active the equipped Weapon Orbs with this button. Once activated your Hero power will be boosted dramatically. Also it may altering the shooting mechanism plus the projectiles behavior. You can watch this video below to understand:
Now you understand roughly what is the Weapon Orb. Lets check out the next pages for the full details about these NFT, starting with how to craft it (mint NFT Weapon Orb).