Orb Rarity and Class

1. Orb Rarity Level

The higher the Rarity Level of the Orb the better the Orb can boost the power of Hero when equip:
Weapon Orb Rarity Level
Magitek Gas (Max Mana)
Number of Class
Avg % Base Damage Bonus buff
4 Neutral Class Only
4 Neutral + 4 Elemental
4 Neutral + 4 Elemental
4 Neutral + 4 Elemental
Magitek Gas (max Mana): Weapon Orb has a gas bar which will be used when the Orb is activated. When Weapon Orb ran out of gas, it became inactive. Gas is slowly refueled by converting Pet exhaust energy of Pet magical attack into magitek gas. (Higher rarity pet will allow it to recover gas faster)
% Base Damage Buff: this buff work similar to Pet Attribute bonus buff but only affect Hero base damage. This buff will always be in effect regardless of the Orb is in active or inactive state. When mint the NFT Orb this % buff will be exactly equal the sum % buff of the 2 NFT Pets combine
During the minting process, the class of the Orb will be chosen randomly depend on the Rarity Level of the Orb. For example when minting Common Orb, only Orb of Neutral Class will be minted. But when minting Rare Orb both Neutral and Elemental can be minted. Read the 2.-orb-class to known more.
Orb Rarity
Active Gas Consume/s
Bonus Damage when Active
Max Durability
% Bonus PPP Reward
Active Gas Consume/s: This is the amount of Magitek Gas (Mana) that get deducted every seconds when you active the Orb. If the Hero equipped more than 1 Orb, These attribute will be sum together: Magitek Gas, Active Gas Consumes/s, Bonus Damage when Active, % Bonus PPP Reward
Bonus Damage when Active: This amount increases Hero base damage when the orb is Activated. This bonus base damage can be further increased by upgrading Orb to higher Level(see Orb Upgrade). This amount will not be increased by any Attribute Bonus Buff
Durability: For every match this Weapon Orb is used. An amount of durability points will be deducted. 1 point of durability is deducted when you farm 10% of Hero daily farm-cap. That means if you fully farm your hero daily farm-cap, 10 points will be deducted. After that if you continue to use the Hero (equipped with Weapon Orb) your Orb durability will not be deducted since there is no farm-cap left. Once the Orb durability point becomes 0, it can still be used but the Magitek Gas (max Mana) of this orb will be zero. You can still Activate Orbs if the hero is equipped with at least 1 orb still have Durability. And the orb will not give any bonus PPP reward until the player repairs it. Also all passive bonuses coming from Orb will not be in effect, Bonus Damage when Active will becomes zero, leaving only the % Base Damage Bonus Buff. Orb can be repaired by using a Repair Kit, check out: 1. Repair Orb
*Common Orb can only be repaired if upgraded to max LV
% Bonus PPP Reward: Give bonus reward (PPP) based on Hero Daily Farm-cap. This bonus will be reduced by half every time the Weapon Orb is repaired. When it reaches 1% it will no longer be reduced after repaired

2. Orb Classes

Along with Rarity Level, Weapon Orb can be classified into different classes. These classes belong to either one of this group: Neutral, Elemental, Chaos

2.1 Neutral Orbs

There are 4 Neutral Classes, each one have a separated name and will altering the Hero power in a different way.
  1. 1.
    Orb of Repeat: The shooting projectile will be repeated one or 2,3 more times
  2. 2.
    Orb of Split: The projectiles will split on hit to 2 or 3 more projectiles
  3. 3.
    Orb of Rapid: Change the shooting mechanism of Hero to click-shoot and reduce stamina cost
  4. 4.
    Orb of Charge: If player hold on to the mouse/touch while shooting for a while, the Hero will charge more power to the projectiles and increase it damage to 3X or 4X, 5X than normal.
These Neutral Class orbs also act a supporting classes for the other type: Elemental / Chaos. When equip the Neutral orb together or equipping Neutral Orb with Elemental Orb the power will be combined. You can check out this video to see how it work:
Details about each class of Neutral Orb group will be shared later

2.2 Elemental Orbs

There are 4 Elemental Orbs:
  1. 1.
    Orb of Fire: provide a Large AoE explosion
  2. 2.
    Orb of Ice: Can slow down attack and movement speed of monster on hit
  3. 3.
    Orb of Wind: Can knock back monster on hit
  4. 4.
    Orb of Earth: Can mini-stun monster on hit and create a Stone Wall to block ground monster
Details about each class of Elemental Orb group will be shared later

2.3 Chaos Orbs

These are special type of Orb class which does utilized Chaos magic to create a randomness effect. Details about this group will be shared later