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Repair/Unbind Orb

1. Repair Orb

When Orb Durability is drop to a lower value or go to zero you use the Repair Orb feature in the Crafting menu to repair it back to full Durability. Only Orb that has been bound to a NFT Hero can be repaired. Non bind Orb will probably have the full durability hence doesn't not need repair.
To repair an Orb bound to the NFT Hero Tier-A you will need to have the Repair Kit Grade A and similar for Orb bound to the NFT Hero Tier-B and Tier-C require Repair Kit of Grade B and C
Repair Kit Grade A
Repair Kit Grade B
Repair Kit Grade C
Each Kit will be able to repair up to 10 Durability Point. For example: A Rare Orb with max Durability is 40 and current Durability is 3. The player is still require to use 4 Repair Kits to repair it.
When the % bonus PPP of the Orb is reduced by half then one Kit will be able to repair double the amount of Durability Point. For example: an Epic Orb starting with 8% bonus PPP, when reach 2% bonus PPP, each Kit will be able to repair up to 40 Durability Point. Based on this fact, for every orb rarity, when it reach the minimum % bonus PPP you will need to used only one Kit to repair it to full Durability.
These Kit will be sell in the in-game Store. Prices of these kit will be shared later.
Note that: NFT Weapon Orb with Rarity Level of Common can't be repaired unless upgraded to max Level

2. Unbind Orb from Hero

NFT Weapon Orb with Rarity Level of Epic or Legendary or Mythical can be unbind from the current Hero that is equipping it. By following these step:
Step1: First the Orb need to be fully repaired to maximum durability point
Step2: Second the Orb must be un-equip from the Hero by click the Orb in the Hero Detail View and confirm with [Yes]:
Step3: Go to Unbind Orb section in the Craft Menu and choose the Orb that you have un-equip from the Hero. This process will cost you a number of Chaos Charm to unbind it from the Hero. Details will be shared later.
After unbind successfully the Orb can be bind to any Hero as you wish.