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The world of PlayPoseidon is based from Ancient Greek Mythology and Sci-fi post-Apocalyptic theme with many modern concepts adding into the mix. In this world, there are Gods, Demigods, Human, mystic animals, monsters. Here Magic and Technology are co-existing or sometime combined as Magitek.
In a very far future, many millions years from today, Human civilization at this time was so advance and evolve to a point they are now genetically different compare to Homo Sapiens (Genesis generation). Back in 25th centuries AD, they've already started to build and colonized other planets in the Sun solar system. Some time around year 5012 AD, a full-blown interplanetary atomic war has happened in the solar system, render all planets uninhabitable forcing human to migrate out to other systems of Milky-way galaxy. For the next 800 thousand years, human have keep spreading into every part of Milky-way galaxy. They colonized then terraforming every habitable planetary system they can find. At this time, people have start to forget their origin is planet Earth.
By the year 2,000,000 AD, not a single human civilization was able to develop a FTL travel/communication and due to the far distance between planetary systems, civilizations in different system are not able to interact with each-other efficiently. Eventually, after 30 millions years since the first interstellar migration, most human civilizations either has died out or on the verge of total collapsing. No one know what really have happened, it just when a nearby civilization stop sending signal into outer space, others consider that civilization is now gone. At this point, the origin planet Earth is completely lost from human history, without any trace to its location. Approaching year 65,000,000 AD there may be only a few of human civilization are still exists or maybe not at all, the Milky-way galaxy once thriving with many civilizations and noisy with signals now has gone completely dark.
Back to planet Earth, more than 65 millions year has pass, the earth now has fully recovered from all the radiation of nuclear fallout caused by human in the distant past. Plants come back to life and now growth into huge forest. Animals walk on the ground again after countless generations of evolving and living beneath the ocean. Suddenly, a cosmic energy from another dimension start to forming around the highest mountain on Earth, 12 beings along with their equipments appear out of thin air. The Olympians gods have come back, it's now time to start over!
Learned from their mistake, this time all Olympians gods decided to stay instead of go back to their realm. They have created the human race all against from Genesis generation DNA and use their superior gene to breed with selected few to produce many Demigods which help them watch over the world, guiding human to evolve in a certain path. This is where our story begin at the year 66,002,022 AD. A Human civilization on Earth has completely matured. They have spread to all continents, form cities, countries usually governed by Demigods and their descendant. Superior technologies, especially those at atomic level, are now forbidden by Olympians gods.
Recently, out of nowhere, mass number of strange hybrid aquatic animals start to emerging from the sea and wreak havoc on the land of human. Even the Olympians gods doesn't know reason why, they've instructed many demigods Heroes to help protect human from these sea monsters. Our PlayPoseidon NFT Heroes are among these group of powerful Human, Demigod's descendant which protect their citizen at all cost.
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The world map in 66,002,022 AD

66,002,022 AD
In 66,002,022 AD, Sea level have raised very high. What once to be Australia continent has merged with Eurasia and Africa creating a super continent Pangaea Proxima. North and South America have shrunk, and now people are calling them the twin continents Normia and Somia. From Normia, people can travel by foot to Pangea Proxima since the 2 continents are now connected via a very small land strip that act as a bridge.
Antarctica has drifting further from the Earth South Pole and now closer to the rest of the world. More than half of the ice here has already melted away, creating a moon shape icy great wall. Hence, the Gods named it Yuerratica. Many human have migrated and settle here in this continent forming towns, citadels.
Along with the 4 continents above, there are now only 4 oceans in the world, named by its direction relative to the super continent and a color:
  • South-Blue: The largest ocean, South of Pangaea Proxima
  • North-White: Smallest and mostly covered in Ice, (once named Arctic Ocean)
  • East-Yellow: East of Pangaea Proxima, This is actually a section of South-Blue sea
  • West-Red: Divide Pangaea Proxima and the twin continents Normia, Somia. Many great naval battles have happen here causing too many blood shed.