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The stories of our Heroes

Yudon - Prince of Cinapura

Yudon - Prince of Cinapura
He is a direct descendant from Triton demigod lineage. His royal family is currently ruling the kingdom of Cinapura located in the South-Blue sea. He is a prince and also is the only heir to the throne. Instead of inheriting his family responsibility, he wants to travel around the world to find and collect Mystic animals. People say he's really an animal enthusiast. He wants to train these animal as companion pets, no matter how dangerous it might be. Even though he is always showing heart to his people and have all capability to become a king, he seems doesn't show any interested to become one.
Yudon is the main character of our Game Lore. At the starting point of the game, he has ran way from the Royal Palace avoiding his responsibility and currently traveling the mainland (Pangaea Proxima continent) cities, countries, and jungles to find and capture more Mystic animals. On his journey, he will meet all other characters of the game. And even make a close relationship with many of them. He also have a Journal which keep track of every friend, foe, or Mystic animals he encountered while traveling.
Triton is the first son of Poseidon (one of 12 Olympians gods) and Amphitrite (Goddess Queen of the sea)
Cinapura is a very small country but become the richest country in Pangaea Proxima by hosting the most busy ports in the world. It is among the most developed countries in South-Blue sea, the citizen of Cinapura most are merchants and have business all over the world.
Mystic animals are special kind of animal which can use magic power naturally. Unlike human which relied on special equipment to harness power of magic.
For location of South-Blue sea, Pangaea Proxima continent, checkout this map: the-world-map-in-66-002-022-ad
Yudon's Journal: Please subscribe to our blog.playposeidon.io to read this Journal.

Samihri - The Fox Goddess

Samihri - The Fox Goddess
She was born in a hunter tribe from the northern part of Pangea Proxima, on a day when the Canis Minor constellation suddenly shines brightest then becomes dimmed. People in the north say this infant has been possessed by the spirit of the Teumessian Fox. Her mother died in labor, her father, while in great grief, was being persuaded by the Tribe's elders to cast her away as she is a cursed child.
The infant was then left abandoned on a prairie full of dangerous animals where no human live. Out of coincident, just when the Olympian god Artemis was traveling the area in her aircraft to investigate an abnormality. She found the infant and picked her up. Finding out this infant was not a normal human, she decided to bring her back to Mount Olympus to investigate further. After confirmation that the infant is indeed a mutant, human but carrying gene of a mystic animal. Zeus orders Artemis to get rid of her by putting her back where she was picked up. Being merciful to the child, after putting her back, Artemis was secretly informed one tribe in the north which worship her to go to the location and save the infant.
After being rescued by the tribe people, she was brought to the tribe and the name Samihri was given by the tribe elder. She was then raised by everyone in the tribe. They teach her how to hunt and act like a human being even though her appearance is different. The more she grows the more she becomes faster and stronger. In one occasion, She is able to defeat Cerberus a very strong mystic animal to protect her tribe which made the tribe people and nearby tribes start to adore and worship Samihri like a god of their own.
Canis Minor: is a small constellation in the northern celestial hemisphere.
Teumessian Fox: A mythical animals, a gigantic fox that was destined never to be caught.
Artemis: is the daughter of Zeus and Leto, and the twin sister of Apollo. One of 12 Olympians God.
Zeus: The leader of 12 Olympians Gods. Brother of Poseidon, Father of Artemis.
Mount Olympus: a place in a high mountain where all Olympians God keep their advance equipment and also when they usually meet and discuss matter.
Cerberus: A three-headed dog that is descendant of the hell monsters Echidna and Typhon
The northern part of Pangea Proxima is a big rural area where all kind of dangerous animal are roaming around. Not many people live here and they usually forming tribes. These people are not living in a same place but always travel to avoid danger and also to hunt animals for food.

Mu Qing - The Man Killer

Mu Qing - The Man Killer
She is an orphan, raised by her master Qin Luo - Asura Blade. She is taught by her master to never trust any man. She must cover her face all the time and if any man happens to see her face, she must kill that man immediately or marry him. That is the reason people call her by that nickname.
She is a master of hidden weapons, able to swiftly kill people from a far distance with just a Kunai throw. Her sword skill is also very good as her master is the greatest Katana user in Pangea Proxima. Besides her combat skill, she also has a very beautiful body that omitted a natural scent like a sweet flower. Even though she is known to be extremely dangerous, men often get attracted to her then usually get killed trying to peek at her face.
Qin Luo: nickname Asura Blade, famous for her dual Katana skill which no other Katana user in mainland can match. When she is young, she used to be in a relationship with prince Kudon of Cinapura but was not able to marry him since she is just a commoner human not carrying any royal blood. After Kudon's royal wedding with Siri, she then vow to never married, put herself through immense training and become Asura Blade. She seems to have strong hatred toward men which translate to how she raised and taught her only student Mu Qing.
Kudon: father of Yudon, our main character.
Kunai: a small dagger which can throw, a type of hidden weapons.
Katana: A type of sword, single-edged blade, very sharp and durable. Can only be forged by a high skilled Bladesmith.

Sirilla - The White Witch

Sirilla - The White Witch
Sirilla or commonly known as Siri, is the princess of Sinatra . Carrying in her blood is the Demigod gene* of Hecate. Her family was known for mastering witchcraft and sorcery centuries ago and currently ruling the kingdom of Sinatra. When she was young she has been in an arranged marriage to the Cinapura's prince - Kudon. She is the mother of our main character Yudon and has been living with the Royal Family in Cinapura Royal Palace since.
While living in Cinapura royal palace, she only loves her husband, her son, and shows respect for the King. To all others people, she is very grumpy causing everyone to hate her. She casually casts a curse to any one who disrespects her, which makes their eyes turn completely white as punishment. The person then can see only white color, become temporarily blind for a few days or even weeks. Hence people giving her the nickname but no one dare to say it in front of her. The king and her husband know about this bad habit of Siri but choose to ignore it since they want a good relationship with her family to get more protection for their country from Sinatra kingdom.
Recently after discovering her husband's unfaithful relationship with other ladies, she got really mad and fly to a witch temple near the border of Cinapura and Sinatra to live by herself and practice witchcraft. She still loves her son Yudon very much though.
Sinatra: The kingdom of witches and sorcerers, a neighboring country of Cinapura. All of the greatest sorcerers and witches are from here, a lot of people also come here to practice witchcraft and sorcery in many thousand years old temples across the country.
Kudon: younger brother of the King of Cinapura. He is father of Yudon, and Siri's husband. He is well-known for his charm and handsomeness. He is usually tasked by his brother to deal with Cinapura international affair.
Hecate: is the goddess of magic, witchcraft, sorcery, necromancy, the night and the moon. She is a third generation titaness, daughter of Asteria and Perses
*Female with a Demigod gene usually stop aging in their 20s while Man with Demigod gene stop aging at a random age between 30 to 70. These demigod gene carrying human are not immortal they can still die from wound and able to live for very long but not forever.

Mikasa - The Royalist

Mikasa - The Royalist
She is one of the best among The King of Cinapura's personal body guard squad, also served as maids in Cinapura Royal Household. All member of this squad are female orphan, usually was adopted at infant or very young age. Every one of them have their name given by the Royal family. They are brainwashed to the point they are willing to die to protect the Royal family members.
Their training includes mastering hand to hand close combat as well as using weapon such as gun, knife. They sometimes are given order by the King to handle domestic affair, for example working as a spy to collect information. Their main purpose is to ensure the longevity of the monarchy and protect the royal family member at all cost.
After Yudon ran away, Mikasa was tasked by The King of Cinapura to go find and persuade him to come back to the Royal Palace to start the process of inheriting the throne. This is because Mikasa is actually grew up and befriend with Yudon since childhood. To Mikasa, Yudon is the young master and also she is secretly in-love with him. To Yudon, Mikasa is the closest friend whom grew up in a same palace with him.
The King of Cinapura: His name is Mingdon, he and his younger brother Kudon is together ruling the kingdom of Cinapura. For an unknown reason he was not capable of having children. Because Yudon is the only son of his brother Kudon, Yudon is the only heir to the throne and are destined to rule Cinapura.

Arya Xu - Fortune Assassin

Arya Xu - Fortune Assassin
Her family was once a well know noble in Cinapura but due to a dispute with the Royal family, they have been exiled from the country. Afraid of being assassinated by the King, his father Edd Xu decides to hide his entire family inside a big mountain cave. Arya was born and raised in this cave unaware of the world outside. As a child, she was always felt bored at home and wanted to go out to discover.
By the age of 10, she decided to leave her cave to venture into the outside world. Unlucky for her, those people she first met went on to kidnap her then sell her to a rich family. In the rich family, she was treated badly, beaten every day, locked up in a cage. It is thought that her fate may have ended there but then one day on a full moon, the entire rich family that tortured her got killed by an assassin. The assassin saw her being locked up, a flashback of his childhood occurred which drive him to rescue her. Don't know anywhere to go, she follows the assassin and eventually becomes his apprentice. He taught her in the way of his Assassin Brotherhood: The Faceless Men.
Arya is now 18 and become a skilled female assassin for hire. She has a habit of tossing a coin whenever she receives a job offer. If the coin is not in her favor she will not do the job no matter how much the money is.
Edd Xu hates and also afraid the Cinapura Royal Family so much that he would kill any one related to them if they ever step foot inside his cave. Meanwhile his wife Orange Li only wants her noble life back, she doesn't want to live in the cave forever. That why just after the family move inside the mountain cave, she used her connection to help her contact the King younger brother Kudon.
Orange Li has secretly visiting Kudon to help her settle the dispute between the King and her husband. Kudon at that time has already married to Siri, but being impressed by Orange beauty and lovely voice, while Orange being impressed by his charm, they have fallen in love with each other knowing it not the right thing. Soon with the help of Kudon, the dispute is settled, and the family is forgiven by the King.
When Orange comes back to the cave to tell her husband, he doesn't believe it but thinking that it may be a trick to lure him out to assassinate him. Edd Xu felt betrayed by his wife but still loved her so much, decided to forbidden her to leave the cave. Then after that, During her time living with-in the mountain cave, she was pregnant and gave birth to Arya.
Although unable to leave the cave, Orange and Kudon were still able to secretly meet each other time to time via a secret under water tunnel which Kudon can easily swim through with his Demigod gene of Triton.
Assassin Brotherhood: The Faceless Men a big secret organization which people have very little information about it. Members of this group always act alone and seem to communicate with other members secretly via a cryptic mechanism.

Shana - Empress of the Seas

Shana - Empress of the Seas
Daughter of the Legendary Pirate Shanks. She is currently the leader of Redhair Pirate, hundreds of ships in the pirate crews are all under her command. She is a fearsome name among other pirates. Losing one of her eye in an intense battle with another pirate ship, she went on to destroy the entire fleet of that pirate crews, leaving no survivor, erase the crews name from the four seas forever.
She also harbored great ambition, her mind full of plans and ideas. Indeed a remarkable woman skilled at debating and using those around her, she's a most talented figure that fights for what she deemed worth. What's more, she's currently a dominant force in the South-Blue sea and is sure to make some serious waves.
Shanks: the legendary pirate known for his unique natural red color hair. He has founded the Redhair Pirate when he was just 24 year olds. For 40 years, he lead the crews to become the largest and strongest pirate crews in the world. He has retired from sailing as pirate 6 years ago and leave the command of his Redhair Pirate to his only daughter.
Redhair Pirate: They are currently the largest and strongest pirate crews in the world and dominate all over the trade routes from and to South-Blue sea. Redhair Pirate pirates and UETC Royal Navy frequently battle each other but there has never been an all-out war. The big center sections of South-Blue sea are under their control while leaving the shore and rest of the four oceans to UETC Royal Navy protection.

Kaiya Paddley - Miss Navy

Kaiya Paddley - Miss Navy
She is known to be the most beautiful woman in the Navy and also in the entire Somia continent. Not just being a beauty, she is also a capable navy commander. She is currently a Fleet Captain in the UETC Royal Navy. Under her command is a fleet of 30 ships and a large Imperial Warship named after her great grandfather Samual Paddley - The Legend. These ship are the best of UETC Royal Navy, all the most advance weapon and technology of UETC are harnessed to built this fleet. Each ship is worth ten times more than other navy ship. Her family has built a fortune around providing trade route security to those rich countries in the South-Blue sea against pirates.
Her family has big reputation in UETC army. She is the only daughter of UETC Royal Navy Fleet Admiral, Akainu Paddley, whom is also a great Admiral but has committed suicide in 66,002,000 AD for feeling ashamed of his multiple defeats by Freya Aloy - The Magitek Queen in the war and conflicts between UETC and the new continent people. She was 7 year olds at that time, everything she admire and love from her father now transform to hatred toward the Queen of Solheim.
Somia one of the twin continent. Located in the south and very close to Yuerratica
Samual Paddley is the legendary general whom help united the twin continents under the regime of UETC.
UETC: United Empire of the Twin Continents. an united group of countries founded after the war between people of Normia and people of Somia in 66,001,865 AD. UETC are governed by a board consist of 12 persons, 6 senators come from the original Royal families that gave up their power to form UETC, 3 human elders and 3 appointed governors. Most matters are decided by the 3 Elders, then 6 Senators discuss, vote for rejection or make changes to execution plan. 3 Governors will go on to execute that plan accordingly. When an Elder pass away or retired, the most experienced Governor will succeed his role and a new Governor will be appointed by the board. This government system has been formed from the very beginning of the empire and proven to be a successful ruling system for more than 150 years.
UETC Royal Navy is the most powerful navy in the world. Its main job is to protect the UETC from any foreign threats. They also do provide protection service to ships in trade routes in all most every oceans (except North-White) from pirates.
Solheim: A country in Yuerratica, recently founded by the new continent people.
Akainu Paddley: grandson of the legend Samual Paddley, he is himself a great Admiral whom leading the war between UETC and Solheim. At first, he claimed many victories and was able to capture many citadels in the new continent Yuerratica. But later, all got reclaimed by Freya Aloy with her Magitek weapon. When the Olympians God intervene and settle the conflict, unable to face the public humiliation of his defeats, he has committed suicide.
Samual Paddley Fleet once is the crown of UETC Royal Navy which consist of one hundred advance warships. But more than half of the ships were destroyed during the war between UETC and Solheim and those conflicts happened after that. Even though UETC Royal Navy is the most advance naval army in the world, they were not matched to the power of flying Drones (ancient technology) combine with magic that capable of creating huge explosion and sink those ship in an instant.
As of now UETC and Solheim still remain rival countries, both are the strongest representation for the power of Human. While all countries in the mainland (Pangea Proxima) are small and most are governed by Demigod lineage Royal Families

Freya Aloy - The Magitek Queen

Freya Aloy - The Magitek Queen
Her story started when she was very young, she and her little sister along with her parent migrated to Yuerratica as part of a group of rebellious humans. These people refused to be controlled under the strict authority of UETC. Since the mainland (Pangaea Proxima) is too expensive to live, the new continent was the only suitable place to go for these people . Many of them settle here, formed towns and citadels. In one summer (ice melting season), a tragedy struck, both of her parents died when a big chunk of ice slid from the Great Icy Wall and rolled over her parent vehicle. After the incident, she and her little sister were adopted by a technician named Rust who treated them as his own daughters.
At the age of 15, she accidentally discovered a cave after ice melting revealed its entrance. It preserved inside undamaged Advanced Technology pieces of equipment from the Ancient Civilization of human. Using her knowledge learn from her foster father she has awaken an Advanced AI in the cave. With the help of The Cave AI she was able to develop a Magitek Armor Suit to use in combat.
10 years later, in the year 66,001,988 AD a war broke out between the new continent people and the UETC, she and her sister used all her knowledge to help fight and lead the people of Yuerratica. After many long, hard battles lasting 3 years, that resulted in the sisters reclaiming all citadels from the UETC army, it was a victory for the new continent people. At the age of 28 and 24, the two sisters become queens, went on to rule the newly formed country of Yuerratica named Solheim. There was many more conflicts resulting naval battles in the next decade until the God of Olympians settle the conflict for both sides in in 66,002,000 AD, and finally grant Solheim people the official right to be independent and live on their own wish, under a promise that Solheim must not seek the power of Atomic technology. Since then the country was able to continue to develop and start to trade goods with many countries from South-Blue sea.
As of now Freya Aloy, unmarried, age 62 but still looks as young as she is in her 20s while her sister growth old and has stepped down from the throne long time ago to settle family. This becomes a mystery among her people because she is a pure Human, not Demi-God nor carry any demigod gene. She remains the true ruler of Solheim. People from over the world call her: The Magitek Queen
Yuerratica, Pangea Proxima, Twin-Continents: checkout: the-world-map-in-66-002-022-ad
Great Icy Wall: A big land mark in Yuerratica
Rust: A close friend of Aloy father, his wife also died in the tragic accident. He had no children so he decided to take care of them.
Advanced Technology, Advanced AI: These tech are created by the long gone Ancient Civilization of Human more than 65 millions year ago. The Cave in Yuerratica was once a research facility after human left Earth it got covered in deep ice of Antarctica.
The Cave AI: No one except The Magitek Queen known about it existence.
Solheim: The newly founded country in Yuerratica, known for very good craftsmanship and technician both specialized in build and design Magitek equipment.
Atomic technology: Forbidden technology by the God of Olympians
UETC and Solheim in term of military power, both are very powerful compare to countries in mainland. But they are still respect the power of Olympian Gods and their Demigod creations. Also most of Earth rare natural resources are in the Pangea Proxima continent, which under control of these Demigod linage Royal Families. Both UETC and Solheim need those resources to develop their technology and increase their military power.