Earn Mechanism

Play to Earn P2E - Free to Earn F2E - Rare NFT - High score
PlayPoseidon NFT game offer a wide range of earning which suite different type of player:
  • P2E player, F2E player (grinding)
  • NFT Hero lending, NFT Land renting for NFT Owner (passive income)
  • Rare NFT collector, MMORPG styled merchant (gacha, NFT Marketplace, player owned InGame merchant shop)
  • High Skilled Player (Weekly/Monthly High Score reward)

1. Daily income from battles (Play to Earn)

This is the main source of income for player in this game. Player is required to own PlayPoseidon NFTs, at least one NFT Hero in-order to play and start earning from the owned NFT.
Every day the player will login to the game, select a pair of NFT Hero and NFT Pet to fight battle. After each battle if he won the match, he will be rewarded PPP token based on the daily farm-cap of the chosen NFT Hero. It usually take about 5 win matches (3 minutes per match, 15 minutes total) to fully gained a Hero daily farm-cap. Once maxed out playing more match will only give tiny income.
The daily income of player is only depend on how many NFT Heroes that the player owned, the Hero Tier and the Hero Level significantly increase the daily income. NFT Pets doesn't contribute to this income. But NFT Pets allow player to level up the NFT Hero faster and increase the daily farm-cap.
In this game, NFT Heroes are categorized in different income tiers called Hero Tier. Higher tier heroes have a much higher farm-cap compare to the below tier in-exchange for higher investment cost. This allow a low entry cost for Player with a tight budget. For details of each Hero Tier Daily Income tier, check out this page below:

2. Free-Play F2E service (Scholar)

This is the second source of income for Player in this game. Player doesn't require to owned any PlayPoseidon NFTs to earn this income. Instead for Player who not owning any NFT Hero/Pet can click on the Free-Play Quick Fight button to immediately join battle on behalf of other NFT owner. By wining a match under a time-limit duration (3 minutes), player is able to gain a portion of owner's shared NFT Hero daily farm-cap
Even players with NFT Hero and NFT Pet can participated in this service to earn additional income after they have fully farmed their NFT Hero daily farm-cap. For details check this page below:

3. Gacha/Loot-Box Items

This is the third source of income for Player who have have bigger budget and good game economics knowledge. In PlayPoseidon there are many Gacha type items. These items give a random changes to own a very Rare NFT. All probabilities and rules when opening these Gacha type items logic is coded in the Blockchain Contract and can be easy verified by any one. This is to ensure a transparent on drop-rate and fair chance to every player in this game.
Due to the limited nature of these Rare NFT, acquiring them via Gacha items and sell/trade them on NFT market place can be a big income for lucky player.
Player can also owned a MMORPG styled InGame merchant shop to buy/sell consumable/crafting GameItem from other players. These item are acquired by opening Treasury Box (loot-box) drop from Boss Raid
For details of all gacha/loot-box items, check this page below:

4. High Score achiever

This is the fourth source of income for Player who is very skilled in defeating monster in battle. If a player able to achieve a Highest Score compare to all other player, then at the end of month he will be able to claim a High Score prize. The reward of the prize will be varies depend on the difficulty of the Stage. For details check this page below: