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Become Referrer (Refer Friend)

Referral System - Referrer Bonus
In the latest patch the team has introducing a referral system. Which allow player to earn some small income when they invite their friend to PlayPoseidon. This feature is embedded in the Fortuna feature on the game Top-Left menu:

1. Referral System

Any player in the game can become a Referrer by go to the Fortuna feature screen and click the "CREATE REFERRER CODE" button. By inviting friend to PlayPoseidon and instruct them to key in your REFERRER CODE in the Fortuna feature screen, you both will receive an initial referral reward. Further more, when your friend make any purchase in-game Store using on-chain PPP, you as Referrer will receive 5% of the amount as Referrer bonus and may also receive some item reward as well.
Player can enter the REFERRER CODE that they got in the above input box then click [ OK ] to add the friend as his/her Referrer. Once successfully added both player will receive the Initial Reward below. Note that: the game have additional check to prevent malicious people to exploit the referral system.

1.1 Initial Reward

The new player must purchase a Starter Pack first before key in the REFERRER CODE to add you as his/her Referrer. Based on the Grade of the Starter Pack, the initial reward will be sent as follow:
Referrer Initial Reward
Player Initial Reward
Starer Pack A
26 Good Luck Token (GLT)
26 Good Luck Token (GLT)
Starer Pack B
6 Good Luck Token (GLT)
6 Good Luck Token (GLT)
Starer Pack C
2 Good Luck Token (GLT)
2 Good Luck Token (GLT)

1.2 Referrer Bonuses

Once your friend has added you successfully as his/her Referrer. For every purchase that your friend made in-game Store using on-chain PPP, you will receive the bonuses as follow:
  1. 1.
    A bonus of 5% of the on-chain PPP that was used to purchase the item will be rewarded to Referrer as in-game PPP
  2. 2.
    If the on-chain PPP amount is greater than 75 PPP, the Referrer will receive 1 GLT for every 75 on-chain PPP used to purchase the item
Good Luck Token (GLT) can be used to play the Fortuna game Lucky Spin, check this page: 4. Fortuna Lucky Spin