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Daily Income Tier (Hero Tier)
Hero Tier - Income Tier - S A B C D E F

1.NFT Hero daily farm cap

Each NFT Hero in Play-Poseidon can allow NFT owner to earn PPP by defeating monster in battle. But there is a farming cap per day for each NFT Hero. Once players farm full cap of the Hero, he will no longer be rewarded PPP and need to wait for the farm-cap to be regenerated. However he still be able to use the Hero to keep playing the game as normal to level up the Heroโ€™s experience. This farming cap varies between Hero Tier and is roughly geometric progression by Hero Level. Below is the expected daily farm-cap table for different Hero Tier with Annual ROI for each Hero Level calculated at the bottom:
Hero Daily farm-cap
Annual ROI may also get significant increased by Zodiac Signs of NFT Hero, for example a super rare Triple zodiac sign Hero Tier B Level 4 get triple daily income (105 PPP/day instead of 35 PPP/day) during 1 month period. Check out: Zodiac Signsโ€‹
Note: There is a Quick upgrade feature which can allow quick level up but in-exchange for double investment cost (merge two NFT Hero of same level)
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