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Free-Play F2E service (Scholar)

NFT lending - Free to Play F2P - Free to Earn F2E - shared reward


This service is designed for NFT Owner which doesn't have time to play or just want to levelling up his NFT Hero quickly without spending a lot of time grinding matches. He can use this Free-Play F2E service features to offer to other player to use his NFT Hero, NFT Pet to play on his behalf which then he has to shared a portion of the NFT Hero daily farm-cap to other. Once the owner created the offer, he will no longer can use this pair of Hero and Pet to play for himself until the offer is cancelled or expired.
For player who play on behalf of NFT owner, he can use the Free-Play dashboard to maximised the income from this service by try to choose the most rewarded offer (Offer is sorted from top to bottom in this dashboard by the rewarded amount). But keep in mind that high rewarded offer often to be selected very quickly, so you need to choose fast.

2. Shared farm-cap ratio

This ratio can be set by the NFT owners with minimum ratio is varied by Hero Tier. Also there is a maximum duration for the offer expire times, which require NFT owner to re-offer again
Hero Tier
Minimum Share Ratio
Max expires time
Tier S
? days
Tier A
2% - 0.2% * (HeroLV-1)
21 days
Tier B
10% - 1% * (HeroLV-1)
7 days
Tier C
50% - 5% * (HeroLV-1)
3 days

3. Anti abuser punishment

This feature have some certain rules that all player need to follow. Some will be enforce by system, some will be check by Game operation team if player is found to be abuser he will be punished.
This is a list of rule enforce by system:
  • Player can not pick up the same offer after that he has just finished playing on behalf (regardless of WIN / LOST or TIMED OUT). After 5 minutes since the match finished, he can select the same offer again. However he is able to pick up other offer right away.
  • If a player pick up an offer and unable to finish the match (for what ever reason) he will then be blocked to pick up any offer for 15 minutes. If player still play but unable to defeat the monster in-time or lost, then it is still consider finish the match. Any other situation is consider unfinished.
And this is rule check by Game operation using cheat/abuser detect tool, player whom violate these will be heavy punished:
  • Intentionally pick up Free Play offer then don't play and let the match LOST/TIMED OUT or not finishing the match. Continuously doing this kind of behavior will lead to your account being banned.