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Game Economics

The PlayPoseidon team understand that as a Player before you purchase NFTs in a P2E game you would like to know what should be your expected return of your investment. That why we have created a comprehensive and details excel file in this page: Daily Income Tier (Hero Tier)
In general the average Annual ROI is currently at 1000%-1300% (depend on Hero Level, Zodiac set). Every quarter, when we release new set of NFT Heroes. Existing NFT Heroes Annual ROI may be reduced to encourage player to buy new NFT Heroes. This is also make a game fair between old players and new players.
The average Annual ROI can also be increased or reduced based on the amount of Game Treasury reserve is left. This ensure the game is stable in the long run. Player will be able to participate to vote on this decision whether to increase/decrease and how much.
To control the economics of the Game on a daily basis, we are using A Dynamic Tax system. This system is designed to benefits those Player who reinvest their daily income PPP back into the game or diamond hand holder while discourage others from cashing out their entire Game assets. The token itself is also a Deflationary token which will increase in value over time. This completely remove the needs for a second Token like other P2E games for example: THG/THC (Thetan Arena), HTD/CGC (HeroesTD), GST/GSC (Gunstar Metaverse)
With this mechanism, in the game will have 2 type of PPP token:
  1. 1.
    Unclaimed In-Game PPP token: Earn by playing the game
  2. 2.
    On-chain PPP token: Receive when you claim your In-Game PPP token after Tax deduction. Or from swapping PPP/BNB token pair on DEX such as: Pancake Swap
Both these type of token can be used Interchangeable for all features in the Game such as: Purchase Item/NFT in GameShop, MarketPlace, pay for Upgrade Hero,.. Check out details below:

Purchased NFT Items with Unclaimed Reward

Player is allowed to use both the unclaimed In-Game PPP and On-Chain PPP to purchased items from In-Game Shop such as: Totem and Egg
Purchased NFT from In-Game NFT Market Place
For seller, When you sell NFTs via The In-Game NFT Market Place, you will receive In-Game PPP only in exchange for a very low commission fee. Also you can keep using your NFT Hero/Pet to play and farm reward while let them being listed on the In-Game NFT Market Place.
For buyer, both unclaimed In-Game PPP and On-Chain PPP can be used to purchased items from In-Game NFT Market Place. This remove the need to Claim to On-Chain to participate in buying/bidding valuable NFT

Crafting NFT that give ROI buff (Q3-2022, Boss Treasure)

In 2022 Q3, we will release a new NFT Weapon Orb (ERC-721) which can increase a Hero ROI when it is bond with a NFT Hero. Crafting NFT will require player to acquired many Crafting Materials either from Boss drop Treasure or purchase via In-Game NFT Market Place. Hence this will urge many Player to crafting NFT, reinvest their PPP to boost their daily Income.

PPP staking via NFT farming (Q4-2022, NFT Land)

Once NFT Land feature is out, Player maybe able to stake their PPP token via NFT Farming features which will give a decent APY based return while also granting player opportunity to receive NFT Items such as: Egg, Energy Bottle.