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PPP - ERC20 - Deflationary

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The main currency of the PlayPoseidon game is PPP (Play Poseidon Pearl). This token is a Deflationary token follow ERC-20/BEP-20 standard with the total supply is capped at 100,000,000 token.
Deflationary: Deflationary tokens are tokens fashioned to reduce in supply over time. This is due to a burn mechanism is executed when ever a transaction happen. This mechanism improving the value of the token over time.
ERC-20: This is a standard for Fungible Tokens represent on Ethereum compatible blockchain (ex: ETH, BSC, Polygon,..)
Details of team vesting wallets and all contracts address can be found in this article:

1. Tokenomics Breakdown Table

Vesting Period
Seed Sale
TGE 5% then Linear Vesting in 12 months after TGE
Private Sale
30% unlock 3 hours after IDO then Linear Vesting in 12 months
Pre-Sale IDO
30% released after token listing, then 10% every month for 7 months
Fair-Launch & DEX Listing
100% unlock after Fair-Launch. PPP has been listed on PancakeSwap ATH 6X from listing price
After Listing Burn 🔥 🔥 🔥
Has been burned after token listing on PancakeSwap
Core Team
Full-Lock for 6 month from TGE. Then Cliff 5%, remaining Linear Vesting for 12 months
Marketing Fund
15% unlock at TGE then release over 18 months. Unused amount will be transferred to Foundation
In-Game Treasury
(P2E Reward)
10% of the initial Treasury is unlock at TGE then release over 18 months
Liquidity Pool reserves
20% unlock at TGE then 8% monthly during 10 months. Unused amount will be transferred to Foundation or Burn 🔥
Airdrop & Foundation
20% unlock at TGE then release over 18 months.

1.1 Initial Unlocked Supply after IDO

Initial Unlocked Supply after IDO: 3,145,000 PPP (3.145%) Initial Market Cap: 3145000 x 0.068 = $213860 USD
0.125% (Seed Sale) + 1.56% (Private Sale) + 0.66% (IDO Public Sale) + 0.6% (FairLaunch) + 0.2% (AirDrop) = 3.145%
75% of total amount's raised in FairLaunch PinkSale + Pre-Sale IDO round are used to create the Liquidity Pool for PPP/BNB pair in Pancake Swap DEX

1.2 Token Distribution Schedule

PPP Distribution Schedule

2. Deflationary mechanism

PPP Token is a Deflationary token, it has a transaction fee of 5% whenever a transfer is made between holders' addresses. With a whitelist exception below:
  1. 1.
    Transfer from/to Game Contract address (In-Game Treasury):
    • Purchase NFT Hero, NFT Pet, NFT Items In-Game
    • Claim reward from In-Game Treasury to player wallet
    • Used for In-Game features: Upgrade Hero, etc…
  2. 2.
    Transfer from/to All Vesting-Wallets (Time-Lock contract) such as:
    • Team Vesting-Wallet
    • Investor Vesting-Wallet
    • Game Treasury Vesting-Wallet
    • Marketing Fund Vesting-Wallet
    • Liquidity Pool Vesting-Wallet
    • Staking & Farming Vesting-Wallet
  3. 3.
    Transfer from/to Staking Contract, Farming Contract of Partner such as:
    • Pancake Swap Staking
    • Autofarm Finance
    • Alpaca Finance
Out of 5% in the Transaction fee, 3% will be burned. And the remaining 2% will be transferred to the Game contract address (In-Game Treasury). This is to support people whom actually playing the game and prevent token price from being manipulated.
And when the total supply of PPP becomes less than or equal 50,000,000 (50% of capped supply) all 5% fee will be transferred to In-Game Treasury.